Why are neck problems so common?

Our necks are design to move in various ways. Neck pain happens when two or more bones (vertebrae) misalign and remain in a non-mobile position. This usually happens when you sleep or with daily movements.

How can Brentwood Advanced Chiropractic help my neck pain?

Here at Brentwood Advanced Chiropractic, we take specific X-rays to determine the cause of your neck pain. We also do motion palpation of the cervical (neck) looking for any locked, stuck or malpositioned spinal bones.

How can chiropractic treat my neck?

A treatment consists of a specific spinal adjustments to unlock the stuck bones and reposition towards a more normal alignment. If the reason a patient has neck pain, resulting from mechanical misalignment, only manual realignment will fix it. Mechanical problems can NEVER be fixed by chemicals (drugs).


Why is low back pain so common?

We need to think of our back much like a car. Lack of maintenance is the real reason so many people suffer with a back misalignment. If you base your need for health care on pain, then you have waited too long. A healthy spine (back) needs to be checked for misalignment even before symptoms occur.

What causes low back pain?

The number one cause of back pain is a misalignment of one or more lumbar spinal bones. When spinal bones misalign it can cause restricted range of motion, strain the disc, and often result in a bulged disc. If left untreated, the pinched nerve can inflame the facet joints and joints as they exist between the vertebra.

How can Brentwood Advanced Chiropractic help my low back pain?

At Brentwood Advanced Chiropractic we have over 38 years of experience solving back problems. We first start with a specific spinal examination and x-rays to determine what is causing the pain. We determine if the patient can be effectively treated or if they need evaluation by a surgeon. The initial step is to take a conservative, non-surgical approach. Studies show that back surgery fails in over 50% of cases.


What are the causes of shoulder pain?

What are the causes of shoulder pain?The number one cause of shoulder pain is a pinched nerve in the neck. A pinched or irritated nerve in the upper back can cause the shoulder blade muscles to stay contracted and not allow for full range of motion of the shoulder girdle. The humerus can also become misaligned and restrict movement.

How can chiropractic care help my shoulder pain?

To determine the exact reason a patient has shoulder pain, it would require an examination by a chiropractor with training on how to care for extremity problems. After a thorough consultation, examination, and any necessary x-rays, the chiropractor will go over your report of findings and discuss a treatment plan tailored specifically for you. Some shoulder injuries may require surgical repair, although a conservative approach without surgery should be considered first.

Why is taking care of my shoulders important?

It is important to take care of a shoulder alignment to prevent future pain and injuries. It is our mission to determine the case of the pain and treat the root of the issue rather than masking the symptoms.


What causes headaches?

What causes headaches? In Dr. Longie’s 38 years of practice, he has found that the number one cause of all types of headaches began as cervical-genic headaches. This means the headache begins in the patient’s neck. When one or more vertebra/bones in the neck becomes misaligned, the nerves become pinched if you will or inflamed and pain will radiate into the head.

How can chiropractic help my headaches?

How can chiropractic help my headaches? Migraines, sinus and tension headaches can be treated without medication if we remove the pressure of the affected nerves in the neck and get the neck bones in proper alignment.