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My Story

When Dr. Rick Longie was growing up, he had a cousin who was a chiropractor. His cousin, Dr. Ed Viets, was higly respected and admired not only in his own family, but in the town where he lived in Oregon.  One day his Aunt Helen told Dr. Rick “Ricky, you seem smart. You should be a chiropractor like your cousin ED”.  The comment made Dr. Rick Longie feel proud, honored, and inspired. Dr. Rick suffered from headaches and nosebleeds almost every week, but being adjusted put an end to nose bleeds and headaches. Having experienced chiropractic first hand and growing up admiring his cousin’s work. Dr. Rick Longie knew he, too, would become a chiropractor.

Dr. Rick’s mission in life is fulfilled by helping others achieve their highest health potential without the use of drugs or surgery.